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Financial Management Products

Finally a software that analyses your business, so you can use your time running it.

If you are spending too much time going through financial statements and managerial reports just to get the basic information about the health of your business, then you need Infogestime 2000®

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Infogestime 2000® collects and analyses the information you need in a matter of seconds. You decide what information is vital to your business and Infogestime 2000® shows you if you are on the right track.

Imagine the following information revealed to you in seconds:

  • Profitability on clients, tasks, sales reps
  • Actual sales vs. projected sales
  • Inventory levels & performance
  • Financial health
  • Client payment pattern
  • And anything else you can think of

You decide what information you need and Infogestime 2000® will provide it. There is no limit to the kind of information Infogestime 2000® can analyze for you.

Infogestime 2000® is the best troubleshooting tool you will ever find. It pinpoints where you need to put your efforts as a professional company controller or business owner.

The versatility of Infogestime 2000® is unprecedented. Infogestime 2000® gives you any possible information and Infogestime 2000® reads most file formats.

System requirements: Windows®, 30 MB of free hard disk space

Software Details

Infogestime 2000®, a replacement solution to big and expensive ERP systems, is a financial and management analyses software. It automatically reads and collects information from any existing accounting and management software.

The users can configure new companies or new departments (even individuals in certain versions), new data, different types of controls and, last but not least, the benchmark the results of the analyses will be compared with.

Infogestime 2000® will then generate a report with "green and red lights" showing the results for each of the last 12 months and the current one compared to the benchmark.

The Right One for You

Infogestime 2000® can analyse the data of 1 to more than 100 companies or departments. To do so, Infogestime 2000® is available in four different versions; each of them can be upgraded to the next higher version or run in a multi-users environment (network).

These versions are the following:

  • The Entrepreneur manages and analyzes one (1) company or department
  • The Entrepreneur Plus to handle up to fifty (50) companies or departments
  • The Administrator to handle up to one hundred (100) companies or departments
  • The Administrator Plus to handle more than one hundred (100) companies or departments

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