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financial management software Infogestime 2000 by L'ÉGÉRIE, C.A.P. financier inc. Aim for the future with an enlightened vision.

Financial Management Services

  • Dynamic management and control tools that run under Windows (98, ME, XP, 2000 and NT).
  • Hightech automatic accounting and book-keeping systems via the Internet.
  • Development of the "Infogestime 2000 Plan," based on personal concerns and/or objectives important to your business.
  • An advanced diagnostic and strategies development system for your own business management, or for your clientele's.
  • Conceived to help coordinate the financial & fiscal, administrative and commercial, legal areas of your business or your clientele's.

Our Approach


  • Intensive analysis of your present situation, including customised comments and suggestions.
  • Design and installation of controls and procedures to ensure the most effective use of the "Infogestime 2000 Plan".
  • Future modifications and updates will be driven by the evolution of your environment and the changes affecting you and your business.

Our Leading Edge Technology provides

  • Electronic communications through modem or other means.
  • Electronic entry and processing of your data.
  • Electronic reporting designed to suit your needs.

Your advantages

  • A multi-disciplinary controller at your service every time you feel the need for it.
  • A better follow-up of your business, thanks to constant coordination among your different advisors, with only one aim: to reach your objectives!
  • A decision support system that will relieve you of certain duties and allow you to have more time for your preferred occupations: family, business, etc.

Our Commitment

  • A first-rate Service thanks to a close cooperation among our competent professionals.
  • The very first priority is always for our clients and their needs.
  • Our advice and suggestions are never compromised by the interests of any institution or one of its representatives!
  • For more information or for a presentation, without any obligation on your part, please do not hesitate to call us at (450) 669-3503.

We can also provide you with:

Free Infogestime 2000 Demo

  • Consulting to help you make a decision on how to handle the automation of your management operations.
  • Design and development of custom-made solutions to integrate new or existing systems.
  • Installation and training on your new accounting or management systems.

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